• College Facilities
    State of the art college building with modern facilities. State of the art college building with modern facilities.
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    Multispeciality hospital with 24 hours casualty care.
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    Separate hostel for boys and girls within walkable distance from the college.
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SANJOE HOSPITAL is a charitable institution managed by Franciscan Clarist Congregation of Sacred Heart Province, Alwaye. It is founded upon the Charism of St. Francis Assisi & St. Clare.

Genesis …

Socio – Economic Background

Perumbavoor Municipality is a small, but thickly populated area. The villegers were financially backward. The health conditions of the rural poor were pathetic and most of them were affected by diseases. The location was an accident-prone area, where there were more than 200 saw mills/modern rice mills/plywood industries, in which frequent employment injuries are being occurred. As per the invitation of the local people a convent of the sisters of Franciscan Clarist Congregation was started at Pulluvazhy, Perumbavoor in 1978. The sisters recognized the need for a clinic and started health care service by establishing a health care centre in 1978 at Pulluvazhy. The health care clinic was slowly developed by the support of local people and well-wishers, and established as a hospital in 1981 at Perumbavoor. Since then, the hospital has grown to a 350bedded hospital having an average out patient attendance of 550 daily. The legal ownership of the hospital rests with the Rev. Mother Provincial, Sacred Heart Province, Alwaye. The hospital is registered under the Indian Trust Act.


With Love, Serve One Another As Brethren.

Departments and facilities

24 hour accident & trauma care

Our accident and trauma care unit is equipped to handle all types of trauma cases like road traffic and industrial accidents, with expert doctors on duty round-the-clock with 24-hour diagnostic, surgical and ambulance facility. The unit has well-equipped minor operation theatres with centralized monitoring system.

In nutshell:-

  • 24-hour casualty services
  • Specially trained team of doctors and staff
  • Dedicated trauma ambulance
  • Capable of handling any emergency including trauma, poisoning, cardiac, neuro emergencies

General Medicine

The department of internal medicine deals with all types of medical diseases including chronic and bronchial asthma, tuberculosis diagnosis and TB treatment, treatment for hyper tension, hypotension, respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus, diabetes related complications, bronchial asthma & COPD, etc. The department has a host of facilities such as well-equipped Medical Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Unit with advanced facilities for the management of common medical emergencies. Medical department provides wide range of comprehensive health care, early diagnosis, preventions of complication of chronic diseases.


Provides comprehensive treatment for diabetes and diabetic diseases with all modern facilities. Diabetic unit conduct out-door diabetes speciality clinics and conduct Mass Screening for Diabetes and Diabetes Education Programme.

Facilities: Doppler, Biothesiometics, Ansiscope, EC scope.


Department has facilities for the management of cardiac emergencies. Department is headed by well-experienced cardiology specialists to proffer specialized treatments for mild and massive heart attacks and related problems / diseases with the help of sophisticated technologies.


13 bedded ICCU with modern ventilators, cardiogram and centralized monitoring system, echocardiogram.

Paediatric and neonatology department

The paediatric & neonatology department has been accredited as a complete Baby Friendly Unit. The department has a full-fledged paediatric ward with PICU & NICU equipped with state of the art facilities. The department owes full-fledged paediatric ward and critical baby unit with facilities for monitoring and care of pre-term and low birth-weight babies.

Facilities: PICU, NICU with neonatal ventilator, incubator, warmers and phototherapy Unit.

Adolescent Clinic

Deals with scholastic problems, Psycho-somatic and behavioural problems, medical problems of adolescent and family life education. The child, Teen and Family Guidance Centre aims to make a difference in the lives of children, teens and adults who are facing academic, behavioural, emotional, social difficulties, stress, depression and other neuro-psychiatric problems. The key focus and mission of our child guidance clinic is to provide multi-disciplinary child-centered support and care through preventive, consultative and clinical service for children. Our clinic provides special care for children who have learning difficulties, eating and sleeping disorders, nail biting, thumb sucking and other social and emotional difficulties.

General & Laparoscopic Surgeries

General and laparoscopic surgical unit is headed by highly experienced and qualified team of surgeons and supporting staff. The department owes state of art theatre with all modern facilities.

Laparoscopic Surgeries: Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Perforation repair, Splenectomy, Hemicolectomy, GI endoscopic surgeries etc.

General surgeries: PPh stapler for piles, Thoracotomy/Thoracostomy, Pneumonectomy, Duodeno-CBD anastomosis, Pancreatic surgery, Pancreatic Duct Exploration, Vesical repairs, Arterial and Venous repair, Breast surgeries, Axillary Dissection, etc.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Provides women of all ages excellent consultation and care, the department of obstetrics and gynaecology comprise skilled gynaecologists and surgeons who take care of their needs and offer advice and reassurance. The department performs laparoscopic Cystectomy for fibroids, ovarian tumours, endometriosis, surgeries for ectopic pregnancy problems, management of adolescent and post menopausal problems. The department is has experienced medical team for counseling & management of high risk pregnancies.
Infertility Clinic
A well equipped centre for infertility treatment and assisted reproduction with the collaboration of “CIMAR” Edapal hospitals, a leading infertility treatment centre.

Urology / uro-Surgery

Unit is headed by highly experienced and qualified surgeon and supporting staff. The department owes is well state of art theatre with all modern facilities

Equipments: Cystoscope, Resectoscope, Ureterorenscope, Intracorpor lithotripter, Pediatric Cystoscope (TURP).

Treatments: Cystoscopy, Transurethral Resection Prostate, Endoscopic and Intra Corporal Lithotripsy, Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty, Pyelolothotomy.

Orthopaedic Surgical Unit

The department encompasses trauma clinic, physiotherapy, interlocking nail facility, sports medicine etc. Orthopedic surgeons at our department specialize in orthopedic surgery, reconstructive surgery, sports injury treatment and clinical consultation.

Facilities include:

Surgery bones, joints and spine, reconstructive surgery for paralyzed limbs, tendon transfers, total joint replacements of knee, shoulder and hip, surgical correction of post polio and other congenital deformities, reconstructive surgery of the shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist. Arthroscopy, subacromial decompression, rotator cuff repair, sports injury treatment, ligament reconstruction, limb lengthening procedures, illizarov procedures for complicated or infected fractures, complex injuries of the joints, deformity correction and limb lengthening, club foot corrections, interlocking nail facility, pelvic and acetabular fracture surgery, advanced fracture surgery, management of polytrauma and severely injured limbs.


Fully equipped physiotherapy with LASER therapy, ultrasound, short wave diathermy, intermittent pelvic traction, intermittent cervical traction, inert ferrential therapy, CP management etc.


Facilitate routine management of skin, management of pimples and pimples treatment, occupational skin diseases, allergy, treatment for diseases of skin and cosmetic problems of skin such as electrocautery, cryo surgery, photo chemotherapy, cosmetic surgery etc.

Plastic surgery

Specialization: Nerve repair, Flap coverage, Vascular Flap Surgeries, Vascular Surgery

Neuro Surgery

Facilitate all surgical & non-surgical management of head injury with multi-modality monitoring, intracranial pressure monitoring etc. The neuro surgical department id has 6 bedded Intensive Care Unit with Ventilators.
Facilities include: Full fledged department with all micro-neuro surgery equipments and instruments like craniotomy evacuation set, craniotomy micro set, leyla retreaters, Hudson Brace set, lumbar spine set, cervical spine set (Aesculap), cervical cup cuts, micro cervical curetters instruments, spine micro set (Codman), trans oral instruments, trans sphenoidal instruments, aneurysm clipping set (Aesculap), bGeneral set, Neuro table and accessories (ACHMITZ company), craniotomy (Aesculap), microscope, laminaflow OT etc.

Equipments in operation theatre

Operating microscope, C-arm x-ray, Neuro endoscope – Flexible & rigid, spinal instrumentation systems, ultrasonic surgical aspirator, neuronavigation system for image guided cranial surgery, cranial fixation device, intra operative ultrasound


The department of anesthesiology offers consultation to referring physicians in all areas of anesthesia and chronic and acute pain management. We have qualified anesthesiologists. Operation theatre have the latest anesthesia equipments and multi parameter monitoring machines, attached post operative ICUs providing ventilator care etc.


Facilitate routine ENT surgery, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), micro ear surgery – tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, ossiculoplasty, stapedectomy surgery for vertigo, head & neck surgery – parotidectomy, laryngectomy, laryngopharyngectomy, glossectomy, cosmetic surgery – rhinoplasty, bat ear correction, cochlear implant surgey, surgery for correction of snoring, speech & hearing centre for early detection of hearing loss, speech therapy (both subjective and objective), edoscoic surgeries of nose and sinuses including endoscopic dacryocysto rhinostomy, endoscopic and microscopic surgeries of pharynx and larynx (throat) and vocal cord surgeries.

Equipments: Microscope, Endoscope, nasal endoscope and general instruments; micro- laryngeal and micro- ear instruments, audiometry.
Dentistry and Maxillo Fascial Surgical Unit

Treatment of diseases of the facial region including oral cavity, restoration of lost tooth with ceramic fixed partial dentures (bridges) and ceramic crowns, root canal therapy, correction of irregularities of teeth by fixed orthodontic appliances, tooth whitening system, mercury-free white dental restorations, rehabilitation of lost teeth eith titanium dental implants, treatment of fractures on the facial region using micro drills and mini plates, cosmetic facial surgery for highly protruded teeth and jaw bones, surgery for cyst and tumours of jaw bones, cosmetic dentistry, scaling filling, root canal treatment, crown and bridge wall dentures, splinting, orthodontic treatment, oral maxilla-facial surgeries.


Keyhole for cataract, phaco for cataract, glaucoma surgery, after cataract lasers, excisions etc.


Equipments: Whole body spiral CT scan, ultrasonograph, color Doppler, radiograph & fluoroscope and mammography.

Sanjoe pain & palliative care centre

This is a free clinic for cancer patients who are at the terminal stage. Such persons have a feeling of isolation and suffer a lot. We give social, spiritual, psychological and physical support and sympathetic care in a brotherly manner.

Other facilities

  • 24 Hrs. Full equipped Pathology department
  • Blood Bank
  • 24 Hrs. pharmacy
  • Modern equipped operation theatres
  • Telephone / advanced booking
  • Counseling
  • Canteen and dietary
  • Ambulance service
  • 24 Hrs. X – ray
  • Cash less treatment of all leading TPA’s such as Medi Assist, Family Health Plan, Vipul Med Corp, TTK health care, E-Meditech, MD India, ICICI Lombard, ICICI Prudential, United Health Care, Health India, etc.
  • Reimbursement facility
  • Medical check-up of all insurance companies
  • Approval centre of Employee Welfare Funds
  • Training centre for institutions
  • Rural Community Centre at Pulluvazhy
  • Free multispecialty medical camps

Courses / Institutions

  • M.Sc. Nursing
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • Diploma in General Nursing
  • B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology


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